Take Advantage of our Online Sessions through Zoom.
Heal yourself from the comfort of your place.
Take Advantage of our Online Sessions through Zoom.
Heal yourself from the comfort of your place.


What People Are Saying

It works!!!! It is a very relaxing experience. I highly recommend Zaklin!! She really cares about what she does and wants the people under her care to feel relaxed and content.
Reiki with Zaklin is a healing experience which transmits positive energy and restores energy levels. You will feel renewed right after your first session.
Silvia Greenberg

Intuitive healer, she born to touch people..with the light of her heart and her voice.
Apostolos Felonis

Truly recommend!! The most great experience I had it with Zaklin!!! She’s so good, you can’t imagine that! God, I slept like a rock after that!! Just have no words for how amazing she is!
Isabella Lydia

Zaklin is amazing. She helped me get my energy back up. Highly recommend her. She definitely has the special touch.
Elani Botes

I highly recommend Zaklin! I felt very relaxed during the session and after. She is very nice and really cares about you. This was my first session and I can’t wait to go back soon.
Silvia Pangaro

Zaklin visited us last night and gave Reiki to my dog who has not be feeling well the past 6 days. He instantly sat comfortably next to her, took all her help and love and closed his eyes enjoying it. We could see how much he loved it and how much happier he was after the session!! We will definitely keep working with Zaklin. Her healing talent is an amazing gift, she is a genuine person with a great spirit and soul and the joy she will bring to you is priceless ❤️
Miriam Per.

Zaklin is the real deal. Our CavaPoo had injured his back a few weeks ago, but Zaklin lovingly (see photo) applied Reiki healing to his injured area. Later that afternoon, it was obvious that he not only felt better, but he has jumping and frolicking like the old days. Zaklin is patient and loving with her technique; #Flash lay still and relaxed and gave himself over to her completely. It was clear that he totally trusted her and let her administer her healing powers to his affected areas. I would recommend her without any reservation.
Morton Levitt